Air date update, January 2019

Behind the Scenes 幕后之王 – Jan 5
Starring: Zhou Dongyu, Luo Jin
Details: 46 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV / Beijing TV
A behind the scenes look at the daily lives television producers (but mostly their complicated love lives).

Stained 心冤 – Jan 7
Starring: Kara Hui, Anthony Wong, Tse Kwanho
Details: 10 episodes, weekly drama on Tencent
Inspired by three real life cold cases. Comes from the producers behind cult hit The Trading Floor 东方华尔街.

That Neighbour is My Ex-Wife 我的冤家 (前妻) 住对门 – Jan 11
Starring: Chen He, Wang Ou, Bao Bei’er
Details: 36 episodes, daily drama on Shandong TV
The wife divorces her husband after mistakenly believing she is suffering from a terminal illness, and then tries to save the relationship. Meanwhile, the despondent husband has become a millionaire after winning a lottery ticket, and rejects all her advances.

I Will Never Let You Go 小女花不弃 – Jan ??
Starring: Ariel Lin, Zhang Binbin
Details: 51 episodes, weekly drama on Zhejiang TV
A Lois Lane and Clarke Kent/Superman faux-cest love story with revenge and treasure-hunting thrown in the mix.

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