Ariel Lin romances Zhang Binbin in upcoming period wuxia drama

The show has kept a very low profile since news of the casting was first announced in February. The production team hasn’t opened an official drama account on Weibo either, hence the lack of official stills.

Ariel Lin (Old Boy) is returning to period dramas after 5 years with wuxia romance drama I Will Never Let You Go 小女花不弃, a very loose adaption of Zhuangzhuang’s novel of the same name.

In a mysterious kingdom, there is a rumour that whoever finds the treasure hidden in the Luminous Sky Cult will conquer the world. The treasure can only be opened by the cult’s Holy Sorceress and her descendants, and her daughter Xue Fei is sacrificed in the ensuing bloodbath led by the Seventh Prince.

Ariel Lin plays Xue Fei’s daughter Hua Buqi, who is saved from the massacre by her uncle. They travel across the kingdom as beggars, though are soon discovered by the Mingyue Manor. A masked vigilante saves Hua Buqi from death, and the heroine is able to reach the Capital safely with the help of Mo Ruofei, the young master of a rich merchant family.

The Seventh Prince attempts to find the whereabouts of the treasure by claiming Hua Buqi as his illegitimate daughter, though is met with much opposition from his good-for-nothing son Chen Yu (Zhang Binbin), who is later revealed to be the mysterious martial artist that saved Hua Buqi’s life.

TL;DR: It’s basically a Lois Lane and Clarke Kent/Superman faux-cest love story with revenge and treasure-hunting thrown in the mix.

Directed by Cha Chuanyi (Kill the Boss) and scripted by Jin Yuan (Fighter of the Destiny, Perfect Couple), the 51 episode drama is planning to be released as a weekly drama in mid-January.

5 thoughts on “Ariel Lin romances Zhang Binbin in upcoming period wuxia drama

  1. i won’t keep hopes high going by script writer [( scripted by Jin Yuan (Fighter of the Destiny, Perfect Couple)], Fighter of destiny was outright mangling/massacre of book ( Ze Tian Ji / way of choices ) . even for viewer unfamiliar with book , in terms of inernal coherence , character/story progression etc etc, all elememnts which make for a good drama were missing. the series was pretty much an excuse to parade and bank on pretty faces/idols headlined by Lu Han.

  2. I…generally like Ariel and Zhang BinBin separately…but here this looks. Kinda odd. I can’t really pinpoint why, but this definitely feels a little odd somewhere. Also, Ariel’s character here HEAVILY reminds me of her in Lan Ling Wang.

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