Promo Round-up: Mystery of Antiques

Mystery of Antiques stars Xia Yu as Xu Yuan, a pawnshop owner who can tell apart fake and authentic antiques with just one look. Qiao Zhenyu costars as his mysterious new buddy, and the two embark on a journey to find the Jade Buddha Head and unravel the mystery surrounding the deaths of Xu Yuan’s father and grandfather.

The 36 episode drama releases two episodes every Wednesday – Friday on Tencent.

Trailer 2, Theme song by Wakin Chau

Pan Yueming as Xu Yuan’s grandfather Xu Yicheng

Wang Gang as Yao Buran’s grandfather

The Five Clans

Huang family

Shen Family

Liu Family

Cai Wenjing and Chie Tanaka play Xia Yu’s love interests Huang Yanyan and Kido Kana respectively.


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  1. Been waiting for this! Love the stills. That’s cool that they have Japanese actors in the series – I don’t think that’s something that happens often.

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