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Girl groups aglore in this post featuring ex-Miss A’s Fei and multiple songs from”zhongguofeng-styled” girlgroups 7Sense and SiNG, who have been in a competition to see who can release more MV’s.

Wang Feifei ft Jackson Wang in this Latinpop meets Republican-era aesthetics MV

Huang Ling’s  electro pop with guzheng and  Drunk

SING’s new song A Thousand Years 千年, a more “Dunhuang” themed MV and dance moves. The song is pretty generic, though, and is mixed  like it’s an old SHE song.

Here’s 7Sense’s Jiangnan Night, aka their first passable non-dance MV:

SING’s “Heavenly dresses 云裳谣”:

7Sense’s new MV Familiar 如故

SING’s Song of the Night 夜笙歌

Corsak and Ma Yingying – Reverse

Trivia: The female vocalist, Ma Yingying, was born in the same hospital room on the same day as M.I.C.’s Zhao Yongxin.  Their mothers were  professors in the same department (folk music) at the Yunnan Academy of Arts and both are of Yi ethnicity. Needless to say, the two are great childhood friends.

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  1. Ooh, love the Latin influence and Republican-era aesthetic. Fei looks and sounds phenomenal.

    That’s really cool about Ma Yingying, and the song is lovely. Is there any more info regarding her and Corsak? I really dig their sound.

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