Sinology Sunday: Tan Weiwei’s folk rock

Here’s a look at Tan Weiwei’s flawless original and cover performances that combines rock, musicals, and traditional Chinese music forms. Many of those songs are helped by arrangements by the incredibly talented Liu Zhou and rock legend Cui Jian.

Counting People 数人玩 takes inspirations from  Suzhou Pingtan. The song is originally by Xiban Band, which combines Suzhounese pingtan, Chinese opera, and Mongolian sounds.

Show you some true colors 给你一点颜色 takes inspirations for Xi’an-based Huayin Shadow Puppet Music.

Tan Weiwei adds her signature Tibetan singing styles to this cover of Mongolian band Hanggai’s Reincarnation

Flower Night 花夜 takes its inspiration from the wedding traditions of the Qiang people.

Ferryman in the City 城市船夫, originally by Cui Jian, takes inspirations from boat songs.

A cover of the famous Tibetan love song, Love of Kangding

This collaboration with Second-hand rose borrows from NW China’s Er Ren Zhuan traditions.

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