Standardized Life 标化人生 / Fighting Youth 正青春 is an upcoming workplace drama starring Wu Jinyan (Hear the Bells Ring on Shanghai Bund) as Zhang Xiaoyu, the plucky new assistant to Yin Tao’s (The Years You Were Late) Lin Rui, SW company’s smart and capable sales director and the most likely candidate to take over the position of leader from Shu Wanting (Liu Mintao).

Unwilling to step down, Shu Wanting brings Lin Rui’s long-standing rival Fang Jing (Zuo Xiaoqing) to their region, and lets her lead the second sales department. Zhang Xiaoyu gets entangled in the messy corporate politics, yet is well protected by her mentor and boss, and finds true love in the process.

The 47 episode drama is directed by Mou Xiaojie (City Still Believe in Love) and written by Chen Lan (Princess Agents).

Characters and their office desks:

I can’t wait to the see the sparks fly between Yin Tao, Zuo Xiaoqing and Liu Mintao:

Peter Ho as CEO of Rentai Company

Hong Yao as Dan Ding, IT programmer

Zhang Tao as Jin Xiaobei, heir to Rentai

Zhang Nan as Ling Xiaoxiao, Fang Jing’s assistant

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