Zhai Tianlin, Yin Zheng’s Original Sin streams today

Yin Zheng is 100 % going for the bl market.

Zhai Tianlin and Yin Zheng’s crime thriller Original Sin 原生之罪 got a surprise release date today.  The two play a pair of lawyer-detective archenemies turned allies in a super shippy drama. The 24-episode series airs two episodes every Thursday through Saturday on iQiyi here.

MV by the two below:


1 thought on “Zhai Tianlin, Yin Zheng’s Original Sin streams today

  1. Thank you. Great that this drama has started. Is a lot of it filmed near Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia in general? They include some local Malaysian actors? I don’t mean Tian Niu, David Chiang. The early episodes look great. This MV is also nice. No twangy voices. I prefer these voices to the singing variety show king, Wang Kai.

    Is there an easy way to get a lot of this year’s OSTs on a playlist?
    This year’s OSTs I like that were not mentioned were
    Na Ying’s version of closing theme for Eagles, Youngsters. The drama, MV ‘s cinematography is pretty too

    Ever Night, a subset of songs.

    A Bin, Victor Wong’s song from《脫身》

    Starting, Ending songs from Suddenly This Summer. The drama is good-ish. Except Ms Bu and her mom’s characters do not make the most sense. MB had been second to last in her classes for a long string of years and her physician mom never interfered or get her tutored by anyone. MB then meets Bai Yu and made practically unbelievable progress. Just slightly less impressive than Guo Jing mastering the 18 Dragon Subduing Palm level of miracle. Then her mom suddenly gets so hands on with her education personally. Criticize this and that frequently. I don’t recall mom does too much action-wise for daughter’s education herself. BY’s char’s repeated failures w major exams due to different reasons are also contrived. Unless he’s one of those extremely rare type people. The only one among 800 million people who got struck by lightning in the same location three times. Overall it’s still a good drama. It’s just sometimes one is inclined to think that BY is a Supreme Tutoring Master, and it’s a pity that he only tutored 1 classmate. He could have transformed every student he had.

    Music instrumentation in (Ever Night) Guardian, Tomb of Sea was nice. Chen Xue Ran is a talented composer.

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