A window into Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Ni Ni, etc. at fashion event

Tang Yan will see you now.

It seems like it’s now a thing for fashion event to take group photos now.  This time,  Marie Claire captures Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Ni Ni, Angelababy, Zhou Dongyu, Victoria Song Qian, Li Qin, Zhao Wei, Wu Lei, Cai Xukun, Fan Chengcheng, Huang Xuan, Song Weilong, Sun Yi, Zhang Tian’ai, Lisa Lu, Song Zu’er, Wang Ziwen, Chen Wenqi, Dong Jie, Tong Liya, Jolin Tsai, He Sui, and Xi Mengyao behind a window.  This time we’re at Marie Claire. How does this compare to the Cosmo, Elle, and Vogue photoshoots earlier this year?

Ni Ni

Yang Mi

Zhou Dongyu


Zhao Wei

Huang Xuan

Wang Ziwen


Dong JIe

Lisa Lu

He Sui

Sun Yi

Song Weilong

Fan Chengcheng

Xi Mengyao

Song Zu’er

Zhang Tian’ai

Chen Wenqi

Tong Liya

Wu Lei

Cai Xukun

Jolin Tsai

Jing Tian

Xi Mengyao looks like she could be in Sailor Moon.

Yang Mi always looks like her pre-red carpet event photos are taken at the set of a 90’s calendar.

Li Qin as the blue fairy

And last but not least … Ni Ni rocking this hideous purple dress.


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