The Forbidden Palace launches their own makeup line

The Forbidden Palace Museum store transacted over 1 billion RMB last year, and yet it’s still coming up with new ways to take all my money

After fans repeatedly asking for an original makeup line, The Forbidden Palace Museum has finally delivered with two beautiful makeup sets and two single items with both packaging and colors by the Forbidden Palace itself and the museum’s collections. Each piece costs between 66 – 160 RMB and can be brought on their taobao store (which now takes foreign credit cards and ships abroad).

P.S. I know it’s not Sunday but this news was too exciting to wait.

The first collection is based on a panel of fairy cranes, long associated with longevity and achieving enlightenment

Fairy Cranes: Eyeshadow palette with three matte and one shimmering colors

Fairy Cranes: Eyeshadow set

Fairy Cranes: Blush

Fairy Cranes: The blush takes its inspiration from this coral flower display.

Fairy Cranes: Lipstick

Lipstick colors for both sets. The crane ones are the three mattes on the left and the other set are the moisturizing ones on the right. All the colors are inspired by Qing-dynasty porcelain except for one inspired by the walls of the Forbidden Palace (see above).  More pics at the end of the color inspirations and what they look like on models.

The second set takes its inspiration from a lacquer and inlaid mother-of pearl bed

Lacquer and mother-of-pearl bed inspiration

Eyeshadow set

The blush is inspired by a Qing-dynasty bracelet.

A shimmering blue eyeshadow inspired by Diancui, the use of bird feathers to adorn jewelry


Their highlighlighter inspired by Song-dynasty Painting of Water 水图卷

Finally, here’s some lipstick colors and their inspirations.


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  1. I almost wish I wore makeup. Not quite, but almost! These are lovely products.

    I’ll thank you for that link to the taobao store now, because I’m 100% certain I will NOT thank you later.

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