Promo Round-up: Like A Flowing River

Like A Flowing River stars Wang Kai as a smart lad from the countryside who is able to change the course of his life after taking the university entrance exams, Yang Shuo as his impulsive brother-in-law while and Dong Zijian as a budding entrepreneur. Part 1 begins airing tonight on Dragon TV / Beijing TV and will finish with 47 episodes.

English-subbed playlist of promo materials below. The drama will also be uploaded on  the same channel.



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        • Hmm, I can see it, and I presume XDramaX can, too, since she made the post. Have you had this issue with other videos embedded here? What browser are you on? I tried it on Chrome and firefox and Safari on my phone, and all three works on my end.

          Can you see the video alone without the playlist? Or if you open it on YouTube? ( watch?v=o_IGbDIEOjo )

          • The link works fine in YouTube – maybe it was just one of those things! I was trying to play it from the WordPress app on my iPad; maybe that was the problem! Thanks for giving it some thought and providing a solution :)

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