The art of movie posters by Huang Hai

Movie posters designed by artist Huang Hai, including for The Sun Also Rises, Big Fish & Begonia Shoplifters, Dying to Survive, Tai-Chi 0, The Ghouls, My Neighbor Totoro, Ashe is the Purest White Shadow, Hidden Man, The Golden Era, and Massters in the Forbidden City.

A design for Japanese film Shoplifters

Dying To Survive’s poster uses Indian elements since the story is about smuggling cancer drugs from India.

Steampunk martial arts film Tai Chi 0.

Grave-robbing thriller Mojin

His poster for the Chinese screening of My Neighbor Totoro

This poster for Hidden Man would work really well as a witch movie poster by replacing the jumping man with a witch a broomsticks

The Goldern Era. More from this set here.

Finally, this set of posters for “Masters In The Forbidden City” depicts art masters working in the broken parts of artifacts.

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