Goodbye My Princess releases romantic teaser and posters

I’m really digging Goodbye My Princess’ new trailer (and the original score), which features all the sweet romance moments between Xiaofeng (Peng Xiaoran) and Gu Xiaowu / Li Chengyin (Chen Xingxu).

This is one drama where I demand a sad ending, because anything else would just ruin the whole story – unless of course they butchered the original character personalities, which I think is highly likely at this rate.

Originally set to premiere on December 12th, the 55 episode (originally 30) drama’s new release date is yet to be confirmed.

Wei Qianxiang as Gu Jian, Xiaofeng’s teacher.

Siqin Gaowa as Grand Empress Dowager

Gallen Lo as Emperor

Najima as Ah Du, Xia Wa as Zhao Sese

Wang Zhifei as Chancellor Gao, Zhang Dinghan as Empress Zhang

6 thoughts on “Goodbye My Princess releases romantic teaser and posters

  1. Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng are the best 2 badasses in drama show. Also the golden couple in the drama. Li Ningyu was cold INTJ and Gu Xiaomeng is warm ENFP. They are so sweet together.


    I hope they don’t change the ending because the male lead, the Crown Prince, is a jerk (at least how he is in the book) because he countlessly used heroine like he does with everyone else in his scheme for power. I felt sad that the heroine attempted suicide in the end but then it makes since she had no family and friends (but then her last remaining acquiantance, her female bodyguard, pretty much died for her) to lean on and no home to return to. Basically, her husband, the Crown Prince, robbed her of her life, so she has nothing to turn to when her and her husband’s love has waned.

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