Friday Photos


A new still of Liu Yifei for The Love of Hypnosis to celebrate Daxue

Posters, stills, photoshoots, and random photos that caught my eye this week. This week is all mostly rising actors with a few drama stills

Oh Boy! It’s Xiao Zhan.

Poster for a tennis-themed drama called A Little Love Song

I hope that knife is for murder and not for eating because who eats McDonalds with a knife?    Meteor Garden stars Wang Hedi and Guan Hong, it turns out.


Zhao Liying in a new photo for upcoming series The Story of Minglan to celebrate Daxue

Animagus Yi Yangqianxi in his wizard and parrot forms

Yet another poster for “A Cool Fish” of people supporting each other to reach for the stars

Wang Kai waking up in a room that matches his sweater.

His grandson in Nirvana in Fire, Liu Haoran, with the same disheveled haircut.

Jing Boran as a dystopian future murderer?

Time Thief Tan Jianci

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