New Return of the Condor Heroes (I refuse to acknowledge their official title The New Version of the Candor Heroes) made headlines yesterday after releasing a set of badly photoshopped posters, and tried to salvage the sinking drama by releasing a new set featuring Yang Guo (Tong Mengshi) and Xiaolongnv (Mao Xiaohui)…except I don’t think they succeeded.

If the costumes look familiar, it’s because this drama has hired the same costume designer from Liu Yifei’s version:

Yang Guo & Xiaolongnv

Wenqi as Guo Xiang

Mao Linlin as Li Mochou

Zong Fengyan as Jinlun Fawang

Tu Bing as Guo Fu

Shao Bing as Guo Jing, Gong Beibi as Huang Rong

Tong Chunchong as Yideng, Alex Fong as Huang Yaoshi (Eastern Heretic)

Su Qing as Lin Chaoying, Wang Qing as Yelv Qi


7 thoughts on “New Return of the Condor Heroes releases two sets of character posters”

  1. Mao Xiaohui kind of looks like Liu Yifei. This Huang Yaoshi looks unrefined and not much older than his daughter.

    “Candor” doesn’t fit Yang Guo most of the time.

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