Casting call: Zombie Brother looking for English-speaking actor of Chinese descent

Channing Tatum-produced live-action zombie comedy Zombie Brother 尸兄 / 我叫白小飞, based on the manhua of the same namehas put out a new casting call.  Although they had a round of casting before, they’re doing another round with the addition of money from STX Entertainment.  The film is also coproduced by Tencent and Free Association.

They’re looking for a English-speaking male of Chinese descent ages 22-30 (or 35?) . Interested parties should   e-mail a  1 min video of introduction in English, a recent photo, and a resume to by Dec 21, 2018.

Here’s the summary from backstage:. FIY The male lead is a Chinese-born, American-trained graphic designer who is the descendent of a famous Chinese general.

Casting the leading role of Xander in “Zombie Brother,” a feature film. “Zombie Brother” is a genre-bender — a big adventure-comedy with a splash of sci-fi and a good dose of horror, all with the self-referential tones of “21 Jump Street” and “Deadpool.” Set 5 minutes in the future, the film follows a crew of tech-obsessed homebodies who become humanity’s unlikeliest saviors in the wake of a zombie apocalypse.

Tencent Pictures, the fast-expanding film and television arm of China’s internet and social media giant Tencent, has joined forces with Free Association to produce a film adaptation of the Chinese comic sensation “Zombie Brother.” The project is an adaptation of the top title on Tencent’s digital comics platform and has already been adapted in China as a hit animated series and stage play, with Tencent and Free Association planning to develop it for the international market.

6 thoughts on “Casting call: Zombie Brother looking for English-speaking actor of Chinese descent

      • His english is good. As for his acting, it’s not great, but it’s not too bad. Just needs some polishing and the right role to showcase himself.

    • If they’re going to get Kris Wu they might as well get Chen Feiyu. He looks like Kris Wu with a shorter chin, isn’t great but is also not an acting turnoff, and is Chinese-American.

      I find both Hollywood male leads (CRA, Mulan) from this casting director to be unattractive and a terrible actor, though, so Kris Wu and Chen Feiyu are probably too attractive for them.

      • Chen Feiyu is 18 though, so he prolly can’t pass the age requirement. I agree Shawn Dou can be considered, but his name was also in suggested when the casting for Mulan was announced & of course another unknown actor was casted. I’ve started to think all this casting announcement is a marketing gimmick.

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