Latest idol competition looks for performers with a Chinese flair

“Honey” Hanikezi / Hankhiz is the breakout star of episode 1, if mostly for her beauty and the equally  gorgeous music+ costume + set + lighting

With a mix of dance, traditional music,  folk music, opera, xiangsheng, and martial arts,  idol competition Chinese Youth 国风美少年 looks for idols who can combine modern performances with traditional Chinese elements. I no longer have any idea how Chinese competitions work, but the three judges are singer Huo Zun, xiangsheng performer Zhang Yunlei, and singer-actress Ju Jingyi.

The show also has its fair share of idol group members as contestants, such as  7Sense’s Li Muzi, Awaken-F‘s Qin Zimo, and SNH48’s Song Xinran. So far, though,  the breakout star so far is actress Hankhiz, whose performance you can watch below:

The production team is amazing with great stage design, costumes, and music arrangement by Liu Zhou.  The contestants are a mixed bag with some really talented people and a lot of people who only fits the show by being able to sing a song with some Chinese elements,  but luckily the production team makes sure most performances are still quite a show.

The series comes out once a week on Saturdays, with episode 1 airing yesterday.  Watch episode 1 here. 

If anything the stage design is  10/10

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    • She was one of the concubines in Sun Li’s Empresses of the Palace. Think she’s Uiyghur.
      Hope she’s not adopting ‘Honey’ as her name. Angelababy sounds like a stripper and Honey falls into that similar category.

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