Air date update, December 2018

The dramas with unconfirmed air dates will most likely air late December / early January.

That City, This Family 那座城这家人 – Dec 2
Starring: Ma Yuan, Tong Lei
Details: 44 episodes, daily drama on Hunan TV
Survivors from the Tangshan earthquake bond and form a new family.

About Is Love 大约是爱 – Dec 3
Starring: Yan Xi, Xu Xiaonuo, Cai Yijia
Details: 30 episodes, weekly drama on Tencent
Love story between a bubbly young artist and a CEO who cannot handle physical contact with the opposite sex.

The Ugly Queen 齐丑无艳 – Dec 4
Starring: Hao Wenting, Gao Haicheng
Details: weekly drama on iQiyi
The Heavenly Emperor’s sixth daughter transforms into an ugly maiden and constantly saves the Kingdom of Qi’s king and his people from their enemies.

Like a Flowing River Part 1 大江大河 – Dec 10
Starring: Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Dong Zijian, Tong Yao
Details: 45 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV / Beijing TV

Time Teaches Me To Love 时光教会我爱你 – Dec 10
Starring: Song Yiren, Yan Yuhao, Li Jiaming
Details: 24 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi, members get immediate access
Tells of the contract dating-turned-true love romance story between an innocent heroine and a childish CEO.

Hear the Bells Ring on Shanghai Bund 外滩钟声 – Dec 10
Starring: Yu Haoming, Wu Jinyan
Details: daily drama on Zhejiang TV / Anhui TV
Tells the story of an ordinary family in Shanghai as they cope with the aftereffects of the Cultural Revolution.

Chongming Guards: Mystery of the Ming Dynasty 重明卫: 大明机密 – Dec 11
Starring: Li Chuan, Yu Yue, Chen Yelin
Details: weekly drama on Sohu
Known as the ‘X-Men’ of China, three youngsters set out to solve a decade old mystery (5 cases in total).

The Protector 守护神之保险调查 – Dec 16
Starring: Michael Miu, Bosco Wong, Annie Liu
Details: 36 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi
Three insurance investigators work together to combat fraud.

The Story of Minglan 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 – Dec ??
Starring: Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng, Zhu Yilong
Details: 78 episodes, daily drama on Hunan TV
Follows the life of Minglan, as she goes from a noble lady to the mistress of a household.

Mystery of Antiques 古董局中局 – Dec 27
Starring: Xia Yu, Qiao Zhenyu
Details: 36 episodes, weekly drama on Tencent
The owner of an antiques store gets embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy.

Original Sin 原生之罪 – Dec ??
Starring: Zhai Tianlin, Yin Zheng
Details: 24 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi
An ex-convict picks up his old job as a lawyer, and works together with an investigator to solve a series of crimes.


1 thought on “Air date update, December 2018

  1. Mmmm very few I’m actually anticipating:

    Original Sin (definitely top of the list. I mean, Zhai Tian Lin + Yin Zheng + cop-plot + 24 eps = YAS)

    Story of Minglan (mostly Zhu Yi Long + Daylight Ent = also yas… –> used to anticipate bc of Zhao Li Ying, but lately, ZYL is definitely my jam)

    Longest Day in Chang-An (looks like a pretty good setup with lots of thought put into the visuals/props/representation-of-Tang –> but also how many freaking eps do they need for a 24 hr plot in Chang-An???)

    Ugly Queen (have no idea who anyone is, but googled it and intrigued by female general –> hopefully they don’t follow the trend of making the independent powerful female a damsel in distress, in disguise…)

    Hear the Bells Ring on Shanghai Bund (kinda…meh not my period…but Yu HaoMing is a good actor and I have a small bias for Wu Jin Yan as an idol…idk I don’t have much to say about her acting…)

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