Friday Photos

Poster for upcoming fantasy series Mirror: Twin Cities, the first fantasy series set in Yunhuang, a more female-oriented version of Novoland where multiple authors created a fantasy world together.

Posters, stills, photoshoots, and random photos that caught my eye this week.

New character poster for Liu Tao’s Poetry of the Song Dynasty

Liu Yifei back home in Beijing with her cats after finishing filming Disney’s live-action Mulan.

A scrapped poster for A Cool Fish starring Chen Jianbin and Ren Suxi. The film is currently screening in North America.

Wu Jinyan looking like she’s inside a painting

Yi Yangqianxi and the Little Prince. He turned 18 this past week.

The poster for the latest season of the detective show Who Is Murderer.

Wang Kai by Yin Chao

A Little Love Song, yet another tennis-themed school drama. I don’t know anyone in the cast.

Ni Ni is a Sith lord with not one but two lightsabers.

Suddenly Seventeen began screening in Korea last week and poor Wallace Huo’s face is either covered or gone on all of the posters I’ve seen so far

Latest poster for Dead Pigs, the debut film of Cathy Yan (whose second film will be DC’s Birds of Prey) starring Vivian Wu Junmei. The film is set for a January 25th release.

5 thoughts on “Friday Photos

  1. Wow all of these are so beautiful and artsy! Altho I almost had a mini-heartattack bc I I misread “latest season of Who’s the Murderer” as “last season” and was like, omg have they announced that they’re terminating the show????!!!! But all ok, lol.

  2. Is the cast announced for Mirror: Twin Cities? I didn’t read the book but found the summary interesting.

      • Hopefully it’ll remain just a rumor. I’m…not really interested in watching any more YangMi-lead productions…if only purely bc she’s been centerstage onscreen way too often in the last like, 5+ years, it feels like. Regardless of acting skills/reputated-skills, I’ve honestly just purely grown tired of their faces (YangMi, TangYan, at this point, even Dilraba, Guan Xiao Tong…).

      • I hope the casting will be good still because I read that the book characters are very complex, but then yeah, characters often get milded down for television adaptations because their multi-dimensional personalities won’t sit well with the TV audience…

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