Sun Honglei, Xin Zhilei’s modern drama releases stills

Upcoming family drama Over the Sea I Come To You 带着爸爸去留学 stars Sun Honglei as a father who saves up every little penny to fund his son’s studies abroad, and is forced to join his son (Zeng Shunxi) on his exchange to the US after his wife’s visa is rejected.

He befriends Beijing-born Lin Sa (Xin Zhilei), a former executive who had resigned from her high-paying job to marry into a rich family and become a young step mother to Wu Dandan (Jiang Yiyi). While there, he also gets entangled in landlady Liu Ruoyu’s (Liu Mintao) family problems.

Costars include Yang Le (Coffee Prince) as Sun Zhuofei, a lawyer who still carries a torch for his former classmate Lin Sa and  Tan Jianci (Never Gone) as Liu Ruoyu’s son Chen Kaiwen.

Directed by Yao Xiaofeng (May-December Love, Mr. Right), and written by Liu Kethe 45 episode drama recently wrapped up filming in Europe.

Tu Songyan as Wu Hanxiang

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