“Don’t forget what type of kid you were. Don’t forget what type of adult you once wanted to be.”

Director Cao Baoping’s (Equation of Love and Death, The Dead End) third film Einstein and Einstein 狗十三 stars then-13 year old Zhang Xueying (Summer’s Desire) as a love deprived only daughter who is sent to live with her grandparents after her younger half-brother is born. Veteran actor Guo Jinglin (Great Expectations) plays her father.

The first trailer also takes a dig at the ‘fake’ youth films that have been flooding the market, which almost always features teen pregnancy, miscarriages and schoolyard love triangles.

The film will hit cinemas on December 7th. 


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2 thoughts on “Zhang Xueying’s coming-of-age film Einstein and Einstein gets a wide release after 5 years”

  1. Zhang Xueying kind of looks the same despite going from tween to adult in this time. She’s always looked like a high schooler or a college student.

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