Celebrities field questions in Cosmo photoshoot

Liu Haoran rocking those construction worker + emergency vest colors.

Liu Haoran, Wu Lei, Li Yuchun, Cai Xukun, Yang Mi, Tong Liya, Han Geng, Kim Jaejoong, Zhai Tianlin, Yin Zheng, Gulnazar, Jing Boran, Zhou Dongyu, Xiao Zhan, Li Qin, Wei Daxun Dong Li,etc. pose as if they were at a press conference for a Cosmo event.  The photoshoot is probably one of the more interesting “event photoshoots” lately, although they didn’t even bother to change the color palette when they ripped off of a Ni Ni Gucci ad.

Who looked the best?

Zhai Tianlin and Yin Zheng, whose series Original Sin airs soon.

Cai Xukun, the breakout pop idol of 2018

Li Yuchun is the best-dressed in this custom-made Jean Paul Gaultier, so she gets a red carpet picture.

Han Geng and Kim Jaejoong , my kpop favs like a decade ago.

Li Yifeng will unfortunately not be in the upcoming Toy Story 4.

Xiao Zhan, who stars as the male lead in the upcoming Noble Aspirations film.

Li Qin, whose fans are all mad at her newest role as Lu Xueqi in the Noble Aspirations film.

Jing Boran, who will play a judge in yet another “Birth of an actor”- like show.

Zhou Dongyu, who will be the other judge in the “Birth of an actor”- like show.

Li Yuchun, Queen of the Hearts

Tong Liya

Wu Lei

Duan Yihong doesn’t have time for all of this.

Couldn’t find a Gulnazar’s Cosmo photo but she looks stunning here. s

Yang Mi – “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. That’s why my company is just going to hire 20 new people to maximize the profits.”

Dong Li , who is falling asleep.

Ni Ni, whose Gucci Eyewear 2018 FW campaign the photoshoot ripped off of

Hippie queen Ni Ni.

9 thoughts on “Celebrities field questions in Cosmo photoshoot

  1. Is it just me or does that not look like Wei DaXun? Also lol, I can admit to Zhou Dong Yu’s skill/potential as an actress (Sparrow was shaky at best…but Qi Yue and An Sheng was undeniably amazing), but honestly does Jing Boran qualify as a judge on acting? Like I definitely like him, esp in reality shows, but I honestly can’t think of any of his works that legit show off his skill (I think Monster Hunt was just an entertaining movie overall???)…please correct me if I’m wrong bc I actually don’t know.

    • It doesn’t look like Wei Daxun I know because I thought I have never found him attractive before but thought he looked attractive in this photo.

      I think this one is more “idol-y?” Like all the contestants are newbies from companies in the way that Produce 101 is. Jing Boran’s only arthouse film is probably the latest one with Lou Ye, which got four nominations at the Golden Horse Awards this year. It’s not out to the general public yet so I have no idea how his acting is in it.

      • ah. lol, yeah not interested in it. I can appreciate Jing Boran as a celeb and idol (not necessarily a bad thing; I don’t necessarily equate idol to “bad”), but I don’t find him a particularly convincing actor…altho things change and ppl improve…I mean look at Li Lan Di now. She sucked in Wuxin 2, but now in Birth of an Actor everyone loves her actings and objectively she’s improved a tremendous amount (idk, my first impressions take longer to rewrite so I’m still not really a fan of her, but I know generally ppl are loving her now).

        • Tbf I feel like Birth of an Actor is an example of why stage acting doesn’t translate well into television and film and vice versa。 I’ve seen everyone in the top 15 act in dramas or films and most are very mediocre. Hu Xianxu flopped in the show but he’s been better than Li Landi in every role I’ve seen them in, including Never Gone where they act opposite each other.

      • Lol completely unnecessary followup, but that Wei DaXun was bothering me too much. Cosmo actually tagged the wrong person on weibo…I think that’s Dong Da Li, according to all his fans in the comments, lol. That olympic fencer who participated in one of the later seasons of Dad, Where are you going. (lol that’s why it was bothering me so much : I could’ve sworn he looked familiar).

        • That would explain so much. I double-checked and even though they have the same haircut and similar outfits, Dong Li is not wearing a necktie.

          I knew it was weird I would find Wei Daxun suddenly attractive after not liking his face ever since I saw it in Chloe Bennet’s MV.

  2. Ha, the captions are gold. Lost it at Li Qin’s one XD. Also didn’t think Han Geng and Kim Jaejoong would ever attend a public event together. (Twitter share seems to be working up again)

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