Zhai Tianlin, Tang Yixin fight in fashion in Miss Buyer

I tried to come up with a “measure up” pun but failed.

Tang Yixin plays a newbie fashion buyer to Zhai Tianlin’s fashion designer in upcoming rom-com  Miss Buyer 买定离手我爱你. Li Yuan plays Tang Yixin’s mentor and Zhai Tianlian’s ex. The story seems to follow a pretty generic Cinderella mold, but it’s written by one of my favorite scriptwriters, Zhang Wei (The Legend of Lu Zhen, The Legend of Ban Shu, Grow Up ), so it could be really good. Plus I’ve recently discovered Zhai Tianlin actually does really well playing slightly psychotic but mostly adorable uptight boss types, so I’m actually excited he’s doing more idol dramas.

Trailer below and character posters below the cut.

The only one with a cool character poster.

2 thoughts on “Zhai Tianlin, Tang Yixin fight in fashion in Miss Buyer

  1. An unknown Zhai TianLin had a supporting role in LanLingWang when Feng Shaofeng’s popularity was riding high.
    Today, ZTL’s popularity has greatly surpassed FSF.

  2. I was impressed by Zhai Tianlin in Advisors’ Alliance & notice that he’s been discussed recently though not sure for which show? (Other than the Birth of an Actor). Anyway, he looks great in the trailer. I might check this one for him and for Yuan Wenkang. I’ve liked YWK since Princess Jieyou. I think he’s more versatile than Zhou Yiwei (whom I also love), and better in in modern dramas too.

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