Promo Round-up: King of Blaze

King of Blaze tells of the three-lives-three-worlds romance between gods Zhongtian (Chen Bolin) and Fengjian (Jing Tian). The first part runs for 28 episodes and focuses on the leads’ romance on their home planet and in the ancient Tang dynasty, while part 2 is set in the modern day and has a total of 33 episodes.

2 episodes will be released every Monday to Thursday here beginning tonight.

Zhang Yijie (Untouchable Lover) as Zhongtian’s disciple Haoyue and Lai Yumeng (The Legend of Flying Daggers) as the Water Deity. The couple continue their romance in the Tang Dynasty as a loyal bodyguard and a beloved princess respectively. 

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  1. I like this drama. It is full of action and suspense and the storyline is well defined. The story where the immortal world is crumbling because of the war between the winged clan and immortals causes their planet to crumble and they look for other planet as a new source energy to restore their planet. The love story also between the protagonists is so amazing…

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