The fourth official installment of historical drama series The Qin Empire 大秦帝国之天下 has released a trailer, revealing an ensemble cast filled with veterans. Zhang Luyi (The Patriot) plays the main protagonist Ying Zheng, the man who would eventually unify China.

N.B: This is not to be confused with the other Qin Empire reboot by Ciwen Media.

Costars include Duan Yihong as Lü Buwei, Li Naiwen as chancellor Li Si, Zhu Zhu as his mother Lady Zhao and Xin Baiqing as his father Ying Yiren.

The 80 episode drama is directed by Yan Yi, second director of the first Qin Empire series, and written by Li Meng (The Qin Empire II: Alliance) and Zhang Jian (Snow Leopard, The Fated General).

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