SING girlband releases English single Moonlight Thoughts

SING Girlband has released their first English single, an English version of their hit song of the same name. The lyrics are pretty well translated and matches the Chinese lyrics almost line-for-line. You can buy the song on iTunes here.

2 thoughts on “SING girlband releases English single Moonlight Thoughts

  1. why didn’t they just sing it in Chinese rather than in poor English?
    Those unknowledgeable about hanfus will mistake the video as influenced by Japanese styling and kimonos.

  2. Wish, they found a better English Lyricist. The words used in the song seems awkward, they could have used other English words or rewrite the sentence to flow better. Unfortunately, the strong accent ruined the English version for me. Would have been best to have an actual English singer sing the song instead.

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