The first Long for You was super boring, but the poster for the sequel is very pretty.

Random posters, stills, and photos that caught our eyes lately. Any that caught yours?

This camp-themed poster for Dear One starring Jiang Junjie and Chen Xiang.

Song Weilong contemplating his reflections next to the Great Dragon Lion.
Ni Ni is usually a Cfensi favorite, but this photoshoot of her and a creepy mask creeped me out.
A poster for Zhang in Saker Falco, whatever that English title means.
Zhai Tianlin, Yin Zheng does that classic everyone has a gun photo for Original Sin.
Savages, the debut film by Chen Siwei starring Chang Chen, Liao Fan, Li Guangjie, and Ni Ni, recently won the New Waves award at BIFF.
Wenqi the teenage witch and her frog sidekick are so whimsical in this photo
Another fun photo of Wenqi from the same photoshoot.


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