Dong Jie, Roy Chiu, Zhai Tianlin star in The Family

Dong Jie proves that you can sell the poor girl – rich boss story even at 38.

When disgruntled noodle shop owner (Li Liqun) threatens to take his three adult children to court, they agree to a list of requirements as a settlement. These include calling him every day, going on blind dates, and living at home for periods of time.  Siblings (Dong Jie, Roy Qiu, and Ren Yunjie) must navigate their own lives and find true love while sharing one bathroom between seven people in the house.

The oldest, played by Dong Jie, is a 35-year-old head secretary who plans to never get married. When her boss’s son (Zhai Tianlin)  returns from abroad, he quickly assumes that she’s having an affair with his dad while she decides he’s a pervert.  The bickering pair fights their way to love as he manages to demote her to become his secretary, while she becomes his landlord.

The Family  combines three rom-coms tied together with cute family moments

The second child, played by Roy Chiu, is an uptight doctor being pressured into marrying the daughter of his boss after he saves her from a motorcycle accident.   Unfortunately, her family is crazy and rich, and wants him to cut ties with his family after marriage.

The two siblings are joined by the youngest son, who can’t find a job but did find a girl on their doorsteps claiming to have come to repay him for saving her life ten years ago. After she helps him deal with a pyramid scheme, he convinces the family to let her stay temporarily  As he eventually falls for her, he struggles with telling her that in fact it was someone else who saved her life.

The three romance plots are pretty standard and cute, with a few tearjerking family moments thanks to great chemistry between Li Liqun and his kids. The series began airing two eps weekdays and one episode on weekends on Nov. 11.  I believe it’s not region blocked on Youku here.

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  1. So this is basically the Mainland Chinese remake of the Korean daily drama with Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hyung sik .. “What Happens to my family”?

  2. Looks pretty awesome, ty for the detailed synopsis. It is going to go in my list… and sadly it is region blocked. Message about mainland China only.

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