Celebrity scandal debate drama Top season 2 comes out today

With one case per episode, Top is one of the shortest and most fast-paced cdramas around.

If you like celebrity gossip, you should watch Top (there’s one episode that’s literally Guo Jingming v Han Han ) ! If you like strong female leads with no romantic or family plotlines, this might be your only bet within like a ten-year-span. The Zhang Yamei-headed celebrity gossip debate series Top is one of the easiest watches of the year with only 24 episodes with about one case per episode. I’m on episode 8  of season 1 and every episode has been pretty fun. Here’s some more stills from the drama.

Li Na looking like she’s hosting the Hunger Games


4 thoughts on “Celebrity scandal debate drama Top season 2 comes out today

  1. Was the show that was recommended previously due to it being like watching an entertainment gossip channl like sort of show?

    • Eh. It is. I clicked through the reference to season 1. Iqiyi only shows the first two episodes free, I did a search and didn’t find a streaming service for this show. Any pointers to where I can watch from the US? TYIA.

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