Friday Photos

This poster for Buried City To Shut All Lights 等到烟暖雨收 that I’ve never had time to put up because the drama is too boring to make another post for.

Random posters, stills, and photos that caught my eye lately. Any that caught yours?

A poster for currently filming idol drama 与其微醺何不醉. I really want to translate this as Why not drunk, but I’m willing to consider other names. It stars Song Yiren and newbies.

Kris Wu is handsome as a burrito for Halloween.

Not to be beat, Wang Kai went as  a handsome windshield sun shade

Hou Minghao still from When We Were Young 人不彪悍枉少年

Zhang Junning timelessly beautiful by Luo Yang

Leslie Zhang captures the return to acting of Isabella Leong

This poster for The Wandering Earth

This cool poster for upcoming TV series Queen of the Sea 女船王 with no news of casting or filming. This sounds like it could be a cool series if made right.

Dilraba cute as a flower fairy for D&G.

A new poster for If Paris Downcast

Rocket Girls 101 in that classic circle photo.

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