Never Gone releases stills of its young cast

Never Gone原来你还在这里   has one of best young casts of the year, featuring an all-star cast of Li Landi, Hu Xianxu, Li Gengxi, and Bian Cheng as the young versions of the four leads.  Here’s some of their stills. The series is set for a November 6th release date on Youku.

Fun fact: Since filming the drama, the two leads have become classmates in real life as both entered the same class at the Central Drama Academy this fall.

Here’s the MV by Bibi Zhou Bichang:



1 thought on “Never Gone releases stills of its young cast

  1. They did indeed. Li Landi surprised me with her performance in “My Huckleberry Friends.” Hu Xianxu, as well, for his role as the young emperor in “Nirvana in Fire 2.” Of course, I will watch anything Bian Cheng is in (if only for his cut). He was the heart and soul of “Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You.”

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