A flashback series of photos of Liu Yifei on horseback as Xiaolongnv in The Return of the Condor Heroes.

source: 人間偷渡@Weibo


2 thoughts on “Flashback: Liu Yifei on horseback in The Return of the Condor Heroes”

  1. She is one of my fave XLN. The only thing lacking is because I’ve watched the 83 and 95 versions first, and I like them better overall (the whole drama), so it effects me whenever I want to rewatch her performance. Anyway, I think she is almost perfect as XLN.

  2. She was gorgeous! To date my favorite Xiao Long Nv (personal fav even tho I know lots of ppl love Carmen Lee and Idy Chan more from ’95 and ’83 respectively). I didn’t like HXM as Yang Guo but the drama was a beautiful production itself and LYF was absolutely stunning and ethereal.

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