Married: Tang Yan and Luo Jin

Tang Yan announced her marriage to Luo Jin on Weibo with the caption “I am the bride”, while he posted “I am the groom.”

Marriage celebrations began in Vienna last night, and a private ceremony will be held today. Congratulations to the happy couple!

More wedding photos below the cut.


9 thoughts on “Married: Tang Yan and Luo Jin

  1. Yay. The wedding photos look so beautiful. Congratulations to them.

    Lol, once again with another marriage, Hu Ge started trending again

  2. Had someone said to me, previously, “wedding dress with a hearthrug train”, I’d have responded “no”. Surprisingly, I’d have been wrong.

    These are the best celebrity wedding pics I’ve seen in a good while. As in, the ones that look least like celebrity wedding pics, and most like happy couple wedding pics. I imagine that’s pretty difficult to pull off.

    I wonder whether there’s any significance to the Sagittarius light show.

    • They are even more adorable in the BTS for Princess Weiyoung. :)

      Sagittarius is their star sign – Luo Jin was born on Nov 30 and Tang Yan on Dec 6.

  3. Lou Yan has loved Tang Yan for a very long time. Even whilst she was dating that cheater/liar.
    I will like to laugh at those that kept spreading rumours they broke up. I am sincerely happy for them. Both deserves each other. Congratulations!

  4. I think the first photo was the cutest. The rest – well, over the top for me. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

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