Director Lou Ye (Suzhou River, Blind Massage), best known for making films focusing on contemporary social issues that are often politically sensitive, is returning to cinema with upcoming crime thriller The Shadow Play 风中有朵雨做的云. 

Tang Yijie, the Construction Committee Director, falls off from a rooftop and dies in a demolition riot. Yang Jiadong (Jing Boran), a young police officer starts his investigation and finds that Tang’s death is tied up with another case several years ago. Soon he is framed and suspended from duty, but he never gives up. The film unfolds over 30 years, and shows how individuals and families have made a fortune since the reforms in China began. — Source

Starring Jing Boran, Ma Sichun, Qin Hao, Song Jia, Michelle Chen and Edison Chen, the 2016 film has been nominated in several categories at the 55th Golden Horse Awards, and will also makes its premiere at the film festival on November 9th.

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