Wallace Huo, Yang Mi’s The Great Craftsman releases first trailer

The new trailer for Republican-era drama The Great Craftsman makes it out to be a Romeo and Juliet story, where master builder Shen Qi’nan (Wallace Huo) breaks off his relationship with architect Fu Hanjun (Yang Mi) after discovering she is the daughter of the man who killed his father.

Shen Qi’nan’s architectural dreams are also met with much resistance from military governors and businessmen, who would do anything to protect their vested interests. Zhang Junning (Border Town Prodigal) costars as the rich young master Du Shaoqian, and if this show doesn’t deviate too much from its source (Korean drama Giant), I’m pretty sure he’ll be my favourite character from the entire show.

The 50 episode drama will air sometime next year on Hunan TV.

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