The trailer for supernatural Republican romance drama The Love of Hypnosis (previously Records of Nanyan Studio) features Liu Yifei as a mysterious perfume shop owner with a split personality. There’s the normal Lu Mansheng, and then there’s the second persona Ye Moluo, who seems to gain the upper hand in the latter half of the series, and has a love-hate relationship with male lead Ye Shen (Jing Boran).

Did anyone count how many kiss scenes they had?


Directed by Liu Haibo (The Rise of Phoenixes), Records of Nanyan Studio is using on-site recording, and has extended its episode count from 40 to 70 (doesn’t sound like a good thing whichever way you look at it). The drama will premiere on Hunan TV sometime next year.

4 thoughts on “Liu Yifei, Jing Boran’s upcoming romance drama gets official title, releases trailer”

  1. You know..oddly I’ve always pictured these two together. Maybe that’s why Boran and Nini broke up.

  2. Huhhhhhhh? I thought it was gonna be a webdrama. 70 episodes too? Please don’t end up like The Rise of Phoenixes. I hope Hunan doesn’t mess this up

  3. Jing Boran’s acting has improved so much since his last drama!
    Liu YIfei looks so pretty in every outfit even though the character posters all looked stuffy.

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