Trailer and news round-up: Upcoming iQiyi dramas

Streaming website iQiyi recently released trailers and news for a slew of upcoming shows that will either air exclusively on the site as web dramas or on national networks next year. Which shows are you looking forward to most?

Pre-Production / In Production

Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红 
Rumoured to star: Huang Xiaoming, Yin Zheng
Recorded teaser

Republican-era opera actor Shang Xirui is determined to promulgate the traditional art form, and gains a fan in wealthy merchant Cheng Fengtai. Together, they rebuild the local theatre and help train several young acting hopefuls. When the Japanese occupy Beiping, they devote themselves to the revolution in an effort to protect their country. The original is a boy love (BL) novel, so I’m pretty sure the drama will either make Cheng Fengtai’s wife the female lead or create an original female character. 

Happiness Over Two Lifetimes (lit.) 两世欢
Starring: Chen Yuqi, Yu Menglong
A noble lady who has lost her memory escapes an arranged marriage by cross dressing and working as a constable at Qinhe. The adopted son of Prince of Zhao returns to his kingdom under a new identity after surviving a failed assassination attempt, and works with the heroine to unravel Zhu Yougui’s political conspiracy.

The Eight 外八行 – 36 episodes
Starring: Ou Hao, Tan Songyun, Wang Zixuan, Qin Lan

Set in the Republican era, a university student gets embroiled in a conspiracy involving The Eight, a group of vigilantes active in the pugilist world (jianghu), and discovers his true identity in the process.

The People’s Assets (lit.) 人民的财产
Starring: Jin Dong, Yan Ni, Chen Xiao, Qin Lan, Huang Zhizhong, Zhao Lixin
Recorded Teaser

The People’s Assets is the spin-off of anti-corruption drama In the Name of the People 人民的名义, which enjoyed a ratings bonanza when it aired in 2016. Directed by Shen Yan and Liu Haibo (The First Half of My Life, Rise of Phoenixes) and featuring an original screenplay written by its predecessor’s screenwriter Zhou Meisen, the 60 episode drama is currently filming.

The Lion’s Reflection of Laying Cat 赖猫的狮子倒影
Starring: Zhu Yawen, Yang Zishan, Mike He
A rich female CEO and a penniless, unemployed man sign a contract marriage, and eventually end up falling in love with each other (as they always do).

Detective Chinatown web drama 唐人街探案 (网剧版)The 12 episode web drama will be directed by four up-and-coming directors, and focus on the top players from the Crimaster list. Detective duo Qin Feng and Tang Ren will only be making guest appearances.

The Listener 心灵法医

Starring: Nie Yuan, Song Yi, Lu Fangsheng
Yet another series revolving around criminal cases and the roles of medical examiners. What sets this 24 episode web drama apart from the rest is screenwriter Jiang Yang, who was the second writer for The VI Group of Fatal Case III 重案六组3.


Post Production / To Air

The Golden Eyes 黄金瞳 – to air at the end of the year
Starring: Zhang Yixing, Wang Zixuan
Second Trailer | Extended Synopsis

The Legend of Haolan 皓镧传 – may air in November
Starring: Wu Jinyan, Mao Zijun, Nie Yuan, Ning Jing
Recorded trailer

Tells the story of Li Haolan / Lady Zhao, Lv Buwei and Qin Yiren as they unite to overcome their rivals states’ battles for power and land. – Source
Fox Networks Group will be responsible for the show’s international distribution when it airs next year.

New Legend of White Snake 新白娘子传奇
Starring: Ju Jingyi, Yu Menglong, Pei Zitian, Xiao Yan
Official remake of Angie Chiu’s 1993 classic. I’m really liking the orchestral remix version of the theme song heard in the trailer:


Arsenal Military Academy 烈火军校
Starring: Bai Lu, Xu Kai, Li Chengbin

The heroine cross-dresses and attends a key military academy in place of her brother. While there, she conquers her fears and becomes a successful soldier, winning the respect of her instructors and the affections of a happy-go-lucky rich young master and a cool-headed and intelligent young officer.

Files of Teenagers in the Concession 租界少年热血档案
Starring: Huang Zitao, Zhang Xueying

Set in Republican Shanghai, the drama focuses on incredible journey of four idealistic young friends who are willing to sacrifice personal gains for the greater good of the country.


4 thoughts on “Trailer and news round-up: Upcoming iQiyi dramas

  1. Does anyone else have problems predicting which dramas will be good when they come out? This year I often have to wait until the dramas finish broadcast and watch random parts of random episodes throughout the drama to figure out how much of each drama I can watch.

    I also like Wang ZX in TM but the overall plot, production, director matter more. I favor the productions where the final package is more carefully or thoughtfully crafted. Though we all have our soft spots where we are more tolerant of some drama weaknesses.

    I’m curious about the police drama with Huang Jingyu. There are too many love-themed female-centric dramas. I need something outside of this sphere.

    Thank you for taking over the reign of Cfensi. I wasn’t even aware that the original Cfensi isn’t even here at this point. How long has Cfensi been around? I’m so clueless.

  2. Interested in The Eight, and Legend of HaoLan. Also, it looks crappy but also looking forward to The Golden Eyes because I have a massive bias for Wang Zixuan since Tientsin Mystic.

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