Inspired by Journey to the West, An Oriental Odyssey 盛唐幻夜 stars Wu Qian (Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace) as Ye Yuan’an, the daughter of an official in the Ministry of Revenue who loves to solve crimes. (Trailer)

Ye Yuan’an embarks on a fantastical adventure to recapture the Heavenly Pearls, and is joined by Mu Le (Zheng Yecheng), her mysterious servant who is later revealed to be the prince of an exotic kingdom far away, genius constable Zhao Lanzhi (Zhang Yujian) and Princess Minghui (Dong Qi).

Costars include Yuan Wenkang as one of Xuanzang’s close disciples,  Zhai Tianlin as the son of the Minister of the Masses, Yu Mingjia as Wu Zetian and Yin Xiaotian as the monk Xuanzang.

The 50 episode fantasy drama is directed by Zhou Xiaopeng (Because of Meeting You) and written by novelist Mou Juan (The Interpreter), and begins airing on Tencent from October 18th with 2 new episodes released every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

These couple outfits are cute:

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