29th Golden Eagle Awards

Feather Flies to the Sky has been continuously collecting well-deserved trophies for the past year, and this time screenwriter Shen Jie and male lead Zhang Yi received top accolades. Zhang Yi shared the award with Li Yifeng, who won for his performance in popular espionage drama Sparrow. He has improved since then, so I guess the theme this year is encouragement?


Congratulations are also in for Dilraba, who is the first actress to win the Best Actress award, the Popularity Award and be the mascot in the same year. I’m pretty surprised at her win considering the number of heavyweights in the nominees list and her rather unimpressive performance in Pretty Li Huizhen, but the drama was a moderate ratings success when it aired on Hunan TV, so I guess the broadcaster had to recognise the drama one way or another. Ding Liuyuan also won the award for her work in government endorsed drama Original Aspirations.

The Golden Eagle Awards were preceded by the Golden Eagle TV Arts Festival, and Golden Eagle Goddess Dilraba (Pretty Li Huizhen, The Flame’s Daughter, Sweet Dreams) performed the opening number.

Best Actor (Audience’s Choice for Actor):

Yu Hewei, The Advisors Alliance
Sun Weimin,The Story of Late Premier Zhou Enlai
Li Yifeng, Sparrow
He Bing, The Love of Courtyard
Zhang Yi, Feather Flies to the Sky
Zhang Jiayi, White Deer Plain
Liu Yunlong, Kite 风筝
Hou Xiangling, Eastern Battlefield 东方战场

Best Actress (Audience’s Choice for Actress): 

Ding Liuyuan, Original Aspiration 初心
Liu Tao, Ode to Joy, The Advisors Alliance
Sun Li, Nothing Gold Can Stay
Yang Zi,Ode to Joy
Yuan Quan,The First Half of My Life
Yin Tao, Feather Flies to the Sky
Kan Qingzi, Sparrow
Dilraba, Pretty Li Huizhen

Most Popular Actor: Li Yifeng 

Most Popular Actress: Dilraba

Best Television Series: The Story of Late Premier Zhou Enlai 海棠依旧

Outstanding Television Series (11):

White Deer Plain
Feather Flies to the Sky 鸡毛飞上天
Heroes of Defense 绝命后卫师
Change the World 换了人间
The Love of Courtyard 情满四合院
The Grainfield 天下粮田
Original Aspirations 初心
Pretty Li Huizhen
The Colours of Ardent热血军旗
Ten Miles of Spring Scenery Can’t Compare With You 春风十里不如你
In the Spring 春天里

Best Director: Chen Li, The Story of Late Premier Zhou Enlai

Best Screenwriter: Shen Jie, Feather Flies to the Sky

Best Cinematography: Zhi LeiNothing Gold Can Stay

Best Art Direction: Wang Shaolin, The Love of Courtyard


Tong Liya

Yang Zi

Guan Xiaotong

Lin Yun

Yin Tao

Ding Liuyuan

Zhang Yi

Li Yifeng

Wu Lei is all grown up:

Dong Jie & Hou Yong

8 thoughts on “29th Golden Eagle Awards

  1. Congratulations Dilireba you’re beautiful and hardworking .I think these people didn’t watch pretty Lou Zhen. you realized her character in that drama was more like homeless girl so pittyfull she had to change her look .

  2. DLRB got tons of hate for this award, mostly from yang zi fans. But heck every year these awards have always been a joke so why is DLRB the most hated? The least deserving person gets the award because of cute looks and lots of fans, also self promotion of being hardest worker and buying highest ratings for their dramas, that does not even sound like anything new. That was just exactly what past winners did.

    • DLRB got ton of hater coz some of her fans are quite aggressive. They often pick fight with several other actor/actress fans. Even Yang Mi just got trashed by her fans couple months ago.

      She didn’t get most hate from Yang Zi fans but seem like her haters became Yang Zi supporters.

    • YZ fans did not trash talk DLRB, it’s Cnetz and passerbys siding with YZ and calling the show rigged. If YZ fans are that awesome, she would have won the Popularity Award. I saw comments on weibo saying anyone who supports and likes YZ acting are labelled as her fans. It’s not rocket science that anyone can tell Pretty LHZ does not deserve all these accolades. Anyway the damage is done and DLRB is lucky that ZLY announced her marriage so all bad ratings for Pretty LHZ hot searches are gone. Her broker is amazing getting all those awards for her.

  3. I really like Dilraba, but girl still needs to improve on her acting. I am very confused because in that category, she really does have the weakest acting skills. Pretty Li Huizhen isn’t even the best show she’s been in this year…

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