Promo Round-up: Entrepreneurial Age

Entrepreneurial Age focuses on the entrepreneurial journey of software developer Guo Xinnian (Huang Xuan), and his romance with colleague Na Lan (Angelababy), an analyst in the IT industry. The 54 episode drama airs daily on Dragon TV / Zhejiang TV beginning tonight.

[Extended Synopsis]


This trailer focuses on Huang Xuan and Zhou Yiwei, as they go from friends to competitors:

First trailer | Romance trailerEnding theme song by Mao Buyi

1 thought on “Promo Round-up: Entrepreneurial Age

  1. I watched two episodes of this and Angelababy’s acting wasn’t even in the top five worst things about it. Like Song Yi was only marginally better than Angelababy, and Zhou Yiwei was on the opposite spectrum of bad because he was trying to act every single second. None of the four leads felt like they were in the same show, no one is likeable, the plot is dumb, and the show is weirdly mystical for a tech show.

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