Ninth drama adaption of Return of the Condor Heroes reveals cast

The latest adaption of Return of the Condor Heroes / Romance of the Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣 has confirmed Tong Mengshi (Colourful Bones) as Yang Guo, new actress Mao Xiaohui as Xiaolongnü and award-winning young actress Wenqi (Eagles and Youngster) as Guo Xiang.

Guo Jing (Wang Dong) and Huang Rong (Sui Junbo) send a young Yang Guo to the orthodox Quanzhen Sect so he can further develop his martial arts and character, though he ends up escaping to the Tomb of the Living Dead, where he becomes Xiaolongnü’s disciple.

Several years later, Yang Guo grows up and develops romantic affections for his teacher, which goes against the societal norms of the time. The pair undergo various tribulations over the sixteen+ years before they are finally able to lead a peaceful life in seclusion after saving Xiangyang from a Mongol invasion.

Mao Xiaohui, Tong Mengshi

Supporting cast:

  • Yu Hewei (The Drug Hunter) as Gongsun Zhi
  • Lei Jiayin (How Long Will I Love U) as Wang Chongyang
  • Mao Linlin (Red Rose) as Li Mochou
  • Liu Yijun (Age of Legends) as Hong Qigong
  • Alex Fong as Eastern Heretic Huang Yaoshi
  • Cai Wenjing (Lost in 1949) as Mu Nianci
  • Zong Fengyan as Jinlun Fawang

Lin Feng (Realm of Love/Singing All Along, The Glamorous Imperial Concubine), action choreographers for Liu Yifei and Huang Xiaoming’s version, is directing this adaption.

Summary of Jin Yong’s original

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13 thoughts on “Ninth drama adaption of Return of the Condor Heroes reveals cast

  1. Definitely getting Liu Yifei vibes from that first picture! I probably won’t be able to watch this one, but the landscape stills look quite gorgeous.

  2. The casting doesn’t seem so bad. I only know Tong Mengshi and he seems to get into character for all of his roles whether they are petty or affectionate guys. I haven’t heard about Mao Xiaohui but she does have the cold fairy look of Xiaolongnu.
    I read elsewhere that the new adaptation will be narrated through the point of view of Guo Xiang, which is peculiar but I wonder about the finishing product.

  3. “Lin Feng (Realm of Love/Singing All Along, The Glamorous Imperial Concubine), action choreographers for Liu Yifei and Huang Xiaoming’s version, is directing this adaption.” -> although I like the fighting scenes of that version, I also feel that they were too acrobatic and slow, sometimes. I hope they tone them down in this version. Compared to Bloody Romance, I like the fighting scenes more there. Less acrobatic/special effect, but still looked awesome and pretty.

    • Back then I think the fightings were a tiny bit slow compared to previous dramas in early 2000s, but at least it was still quick most of the time like 97%.

      Speaking of slow fighting, check out Princess Agents, Fu Yao, The King’s woman, and any Xianxia dramas. The new slow motion combats today are worse than ever, 90% of the time people fly and twist slowly. Then 10% goes to hands and arms combat, but actors and actresses today have no skills so it was easy to tell they did those slowly in real life with the help of technology to fast forward things for them, still looked bad and slow anyway. Also, there was no strength in their movements, worse is they were so out of place too. Some actors and actresses just don’t have these skills.

      • TBF xianxia dramas aren’t suppose to have realistic fighting.

        If you’re interested in dramas with more real fighting, definitely check out some of Zheng Yecheng’s stuff! The costumes may look too anime-ish, but the stories and stunts are solid. He’s a professionally trained Peking opera wusheng (warrior actor) and has done a few projects that utilize his skills.

        Here’s a compilation of some of his stunt work:

      • Yeah, the fighting scenes of ROCH Liu Yifei is they are too acrobatic , like HSDS Deng Chao. They are still watchable and cool and enjoyable, but I just hope that they tone them down, so that it felt more ‘natural’, like Bloody Romance and LOCH 2017. The fighting scenes of LOCH and DGSD ZJZ are good too, actually.

        Xianxia’s fighting scenes contain people flying around or posing, with big amount of special effect . Yeah, there is no strength in their movements too

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