Fast-paced series Top dramatizes all the biggest celebrity scandals

The female lead has no main romantic plot and follows an arrogant, flawed, but lovable genius archetype that’s often reserved for men.

From popular idols accused of hitting a stalker fan to celebrity couples maintaining a marriage for the publicity, episodic internet debate drama Top 人间规则 dramatizes one celebrity scandals after another in the same addictiveness as the scandals themselves.  Zhang Yamei (If Paris Downcast) headlines as an arrogant but brilliant debater in this fast-paced show.  Each episode is a new case as she represents a new client on a televised court of public opinion and presents arguments and evidence for their case. Chen Ziyou and Sun Zhenglin play her opponent debaters.

The 12-episode (!) series streams two new episodes on iQiyi beginning October 10 here.  It wasn’t region blocked when I watched it.

Episode 3: Popular writer accused of sexual harassment by assistant, rival writer attacked for not being politically correct, both are actually releasing gossip about themselves to gain fans. What happens when someone accuses them both for ghost writing?

Episode 2: Internet star live streams while driving, hits the beloved dog of an elderly couple

Episode ? : Celebrity couple accused of faking their marriage. Wife accused of cheating.

10 thoughts on “Fast-paced series Top dramatizes all the biggest celebrity scandals

  1. I binge watched the twelve episodes T.T It was so good.

    I saw in the little bits at the credits and the beginning of the episodes that there were some scenes I don’t think we’ve seen yet, and Baidu says that there are 24 episodes. Do you think we’ll be getting more? Please say yes lol

  2. I watched the first two episodes yesterday and was surprised at how addictive it is. Zhang Yamei reminded me of Amami Yuki, who can portray kickass strong female characters and make me root for her every time, even when she is being super arrogant.

    • I love Amami Yuki! I wish Chinese dramas had more roles like her characters. Top is a good start. ^.^ I hope Zhang Yamei gets more good roles like this.

  3. Thank you. I hope this will be good. Nice that it’s short.
    Mad House is not bad. I’m still watching it. There are some weird moments, but it’s a perfectly respectable effort for a drama. Their village, hospital depictions look a lot more natural than what you see in other dramas.
    How’s Zhang Yamei’s acting? I doubt I’ll ever have the time or courage to watch her If Paris Downcast drama.
    I very much admire cfensi’s speed at checking out new cdramas. Thank you!

    • I’ve seen her before in Ten Deadly Sins and I thought she was pretty solid. She’s much better than the other girl from Zhang Han workshops (the receptionist from his drama with Janine Chang). Also she has a very golden age of Hong Kong cinema face and I love it.

    • Zhang Yamei is pretty good! I don’t know if you know Japanese actress Amami Yuki, but like the above person said, Zhang is capable of portraying strong female characters.

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