Time-travelling web drama Tang Dynasty Tour releases stylish new teaser

Tang Dynasty Tour 唐砖 has released a beautiful new teaser that doesn’t tell me anything about the story itself. Based off Jieyu2’s novel of the same name, the web drama stars Wang Tianchen (Youth) as Yun Ye, an archaeologist who time travels back to the Tang Dynasty during a sandstorm.

Using his knowledge of modern technology, Yun Ye introduces several new ideas to the citizens of Tang, and eventually rises through the ranks to become a respected court official. While there, he meets the princess Li Anlan (Zhang Jianing), who happens to look exactly like his girlfriend from modern times.

The hero also becomes entangled in several conspiracies, and crosses paths with famous historical figures Li Shimin (Ken Chang), Empress Zhangsun (Anita Yuen) and Cheng Yaojin (Cao Yang).

The 36 episode web series features Gordon Chan (The Four) as producer and actor/etiquette consultant Zhang Xiaolong as art director, and will premiere sometime in October.

Wang Wenjie as crown prince Li Chengqian, Yun Ye’s close friend

Yu Ziyue as Lu Xinyue

Wang Yongquan as Hou Changji

4 thoughts on “Time-travelling web drama Tang Dynasty Tour releases stylish new teaser

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  3. Did SARFT get rid of the time travelling ban? There’s been a few releases of time travelling premise series recently

    • Regulations for web dramas aren’t as strict as TV dramas, so there’s a greater variety of genres to choose from (time travelling/murder mystery/grave digging etc).

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