Costume Round-up: Ni Ni in The Rise of Phoenixes

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A fashion round-up of designer William Chang Suk Ping’s only good best drama work since Eternal Love.

Despite William Chang’s penchant for patterns that look like they came from your grandparents’ sofa, the muted colors of the leads’ costumes in The Rise of Phoenixes worked well with the color palette of the overall drama.  It helps that Ni Ni and Chen Kun can make Uniqlo look like high fashion.

Somebody hire Ni Ni to play Yang Guo please

Click on thumbnails for bigger pictures.  Female costumes:

Male-ish costumes:

Color palette and costumes:

And here’s a set of her in armor. Note this is her as a woman, hence the more feminine eye and eyebrow make-up.

3 thoughts on “Costume Round-up: Ni Ni in The Rise of Phoenixes

  1. Wow I did not know he was the one who designed the costumes…He surprisingly did an amazing job. The clothing was so tastefully done. Ignoring the Princess’s hairstyle, all the hair and headpieces were amazing. I loved the sharpness of FZW’s ornaments and how sometimes they corresponded to NY’s as well. I feel like we didn’t see some of these costumes? Is it because the scenes were cut?

    • I really enjoyed it. The Minhai portion had visible cuts, but I thought everything else was as close to perfect as it could be. I actually went into this kind of apprehensive, but was so pleasantly surprised. People may have been turned off by this way off storytelling or they may have seen the cut version.
      I am kind of sad as well, but there’s nothing we can do. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I’ve never been as caught up in a tv show before.

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