Another cat protagonist in I’m a Pet at Dali Temple

I can’t believe there are two dramas about humanoids trapped in cat form coming out within a week.  Luckily, at this one uses a real cat instead of a CGI one.

A somewhat crossover between Let’s Shake It and The Eternal Love, rom-com I’m a cat at Dali Temple 我在大理寺当宠物 brings cdrama one step closer to the furry world as it introduces us to yet another lead character trapped in a cat’s body.

When the modern female lead tried to help a cat, she got teleported to the Dali Temple (not an actual temple, it’s more like ancient Chinese supreme court) in cat form.  She’s quickly picked up by a detective at the Dali Temple who takes her as a pet.   She switches into a human/cat whenever she touches a magical stone.   Thus begin her quest to find all five stones, one of whom lies on the neck of the chief detective at the Dali Temple.

The series stars Xu Kaicheng, Hu Yixuan, Wang Xiran, and Xu Jiawei.  You can watch two episodes per week on Sohu (not area blocked) here.  Trailer below:

Xu Jiawei plays a humanlike alien trapped in a catlike alien body in the upcoming Let’s SHake It 2. I wonder if he and the female lead traded notes.

8 thoughts on “Another cat protagonist in I’m a Pet at Dali Temple

  1. Thank you for the drama info. The cat is gorgeous.

    How are the humans’ acting performances in this drama? This drama’s lead actor was in Moonshine and Valentine as a supporting character. Although he had a few hours of screen time, his acting there was bland. Then that drama was brought down another notch or 2 by the lack of plot. Esp in the last half of the drama. The 2 leads didn’t do much. The few things they did were in flashbacks. Eternal Love was even less watchable than Moonshine.

    • His acting is pretty mediocre, but it works well enough because the character is pretty stoic. Plus the female lead makes up for it (sometimes a bit too much). She reminds me of a more exaggerated Yang Rong.

      • Thank you! Several cdramas from the last few months are at similar watchability level. It’s hard to pick one out of the lot.

        With Cdramas from the last 2 years, it’s often hard to tell how good it really is until you’re nearly 90% into the drama. First impression posts some blogs provide aren’t as helpful as they once were. Though still better than no posts.

        Scottish Fold cats have genetic health issues affecting bone, cartilage, and joints. Poor dears. Admirers should read up on these cats before getting them for pets.

  2. All of this extra trouble you’ve gone to of late, specifying/listing where to watch things, is much appreciated!

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