Angelababy, Deng Lun, Zhu Yilong’s My True Friend releases stills and trailer

My True Friend 我的真朋友 is a modern drama focusing on the relationship between real estate agents and customers wanting to find the perfect home in a growing property market. Angelababy plays the heroine Cheng Zhenzhen, an enthusiastic and earnest rookie real estate agent.

Deng Lun (Ashes of Love) costars as Shao Pengcheng, the seemingly good-for-nothing heir to a property development company who keeps his true identity a secret and chooses to work at the same real estate agency as Zhenzhen. Zhu Yilong (Guardian) plays Jing Ran, the internationally renowned interior designer with a cold and reserved personality.

My True Friend is directed by Zhang Silin (Precious Youth) and written by Mei Yingju, one of the scriptwriters who worked on Zhu Yilong’s flower drama (that title is way too long). The 48 episode drama just wrapped up filming, and will premiere sometime next year.

Xu Di as Bai Yaru, Jing Ran’s mother and Cheng Zhenzhen’s client

Tan Kai as Mu Yunping

Li Xiaofeng as Zeng Huimin, Cheng Zhenzhen’s boss

Li Xinyi as Hao Meili, a successful real estate agent

Yao Anlian as Shao Jian, Shao Pengcheng’s father

Zhang Wanyi as Fu Xiaoning

Xu Hao as Luo Zu’er

Tian Xiwei


7 thoughts on “Angelababy, Deng Lun, Zhu Yilong’s My True Friend releases stills and trailer

  1. I am so upset Zhu Yi Long is not the male lead. Even worse he is acting with Angelababy. I mean she disappoints me in all her works. I am okay with Deng Lun but not liking the pairing.

  2. Why doesn’t Zhu Yilong get the lead after his shot to fame?! Argh. His acting imo definitely tops Deng Lun’s (I mean I like Deng Lun but he’s definitely just not as good). Then again, tbh this doesn’t sound like a particularly interesting plot/drama, and I have limited faith in Angelababy. So do I really care what role Zhu Yilong has? I just wished he got leads in better scripts.

    • I thought the same but maybe this casting was decided before the huge success of Guardian? He is definitely male lead material now. Angelababy is not doing herself any favors by choosing roles with costars that can act better than her. But hey she’s gorgeous and unfortunately that’s what really sells.

      • I’ll be positive and assume she’s surrounding herself with people who can help her improve and challenge herself. I have no basis for that, but I just want to think the best of people when I can find a way to do it.

      • I think she’s smart to choose roles opposite good actors. The good actors can lead her and basically save the scenes she potentially ruins. If they were both both actors then the whole series would be sh*t

        • “save the scenes she potentially ruins” hahaha that was good! XD

          I ADORE three exclamation mark Zhu Yilong ponytail. And I am also still under Guardian’s charm despite having seen many others dramas since.

          and yet, I don’t feel for this drama. I intend to skip it along with Dreamlike life.

      • Lol. There’s a saying on Chinese media that male actors who lead with Angelababy get dragged down by her (Huang Xuan, Wallace Chung, etc), but female costars build positive reputation just from the contrast in acting skills lol (Yang Rong from Song in Clouds, SongYi recently). Idk how true, but lol I’d worry for ZYL, except he’s such a decent/great actor that I honestly don’t think he’d be affected, considering how awesome he showcases his skills in his slew of crappy dramas under his belt, lol.

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