Li Yifeng, Jin Chen’s Fearless Whispers releases teaser and stills

Helmed by Day & Night director Wang Wei, upcoming youth spy drama Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 stars Li Yifeng (Animal World) and Jin Chen (Concubine Meng Arrives) in the leading roles, and has released a stylish teaser to celebrate wrap up of filming.

3 years before the Communist victory in 1949, idealistic university student Gu Yaodong (Li Yifeng) decides to become a police officer in order to help those in need. However, he becomes disillusioned with the police department after witnessing several cases of corruption and unfair prosecution of alleged anti-government spies.

Surprisingly, his lazy superior Xia Zicheng (Wang Longzheng), who likes to snack on fried chicken and play mahjong with his mates, is actually an undercover spy for the Communists. Inspired, Gu Yaodong decides to join the underground operatives team, and is finally able to protect the people as he promised.

Jin Chen plays Shen Qinghe, a messenger for the Communists, while Niu Junfeng (The Legend of Jade Sword) as Zhao Zhiyong, a good friend of the hero who ultimately heads down the wrong path after cowardice gets the better of him (a la Yuan Hong in Great Expectations). 

The 50 episode drama features an original screenplay  penned by new writers Pu Wei and Huang Chen, and is scheduled for a 2019 broadcast on Hunan TV.

“Keep true to the dreams of your youth”

8 thoughts on “Li Yifeng, Jin Chen’s Fearless Whispers releases teaser and stills

  1. I’ll join the party! The trailer looks nice! My last from Li Yifeng is Legend of Chusen so let’s see if he has improved since because …

  2. Li Yifeng looks good but his acting skills need more improvement. I will still watch this drama as the rest of supporting cast is good.

    • I think he is good in Animal Planet, so I hope he’ll do well here. The story seemed to be predictable, about a naive idealist hero against the corrupsted world. Yet, I expect to see the tricks, lies, and deceivements among the characters, so that should be interesting.

      Anyway, LYF is already 30, but I think he is believable as a newly graduated police :p .

      • He is fun to watch in Dunk of China. 30yrs old, he still looks youthful. I remember my first drama with him: Happy & Love Forever (2010) His looks has not changed too much then and now.

        • I watched him first in Ancient Sword Legend. Yeah, he doesnt change much . If he wore his Baili Tusu costume again, then I dont think there’s gonna be much difference :p

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