Promo Round-up: If Paris Downcast

Romance drama If Paris [is] Downcast 如若巴黎不快乐 (also known as If You Are Unhappy in Paris, Paris is Not in a Good Mood) stars Zhang Han as a successful CEO of a corporate firm, and Kan Qingzi as a lawyer who serves jail time for making misrepresentations to the court on behalf of her client and ex-boyfriend.

The 48 episode drama airs 2 episodes every Sunday to Monday on Mango TV beginning tonight, while VIP members get a 6 episode head start. Overseas viewers get the VIP treatment for free on Youtube.

Playlist: Latest teasers

Lin Yushen (previously Lin Shen) as Dai Jingjie, Tong Zhuoyao (Zhang Han’s) half-brother and Ruan Manjun’s (Kan Qingzi) colleague. He seems harmless enough, but has a secret revenge plan up his sleeve.

Zhang Yamei as socialite Ye Jiebai, Tong Zhuoyao’s childhood friend

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    • I was thinking this exactly! I read “stars Zhang Han as a successful CEO of a corporate firm” and thought “is Zhang Han ever anything BUT a successful CEO of a corporate firm?” I’ve not seen his dramas, though, so I thought I was exaggerating through a vague, selective memory of promotional materials.

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