Tingxue Tower releases bamboo forest stills

Are you in bamboo forest? Are you in a wuxia drama? You better watch out!

If you’ve seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or House of Flying Daggers or many recent wuxia-ish dramas such as The Flame’s Daughter, you would know that bamboo forests are great places to pick fights. Here’s a set of photos in the forest from the cast of wuxia drama Tingxue Tower featuring the three lead couples played by Qin Junjie, Yuan Bingyan, Han Chengyu, Angela Yuen, Zhao Dongze, and Lin Yuan.

3 thoughts on “Tingxue Tower releases bamboo forest stills

  1. I’m not sure how good a place they are for fisticuffs, but filmi bamboo forests are EXCEPTIONALLY pretty. I wonder whether they’re actually pretty in real life?

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