Photoshoot Round-up: Award-winning young actresses

Award-winning young actresses Zhou Dongyu, Chun Xia, Ma Sichun, and Wenqi are not only great actresses but also look amazing in photoshoots. Here’s a couple of their recent-ish photoshoots..

Zhou Dongyu by Mei Yuangui. The Golden Horse Best Actress is  currently working with Soulmates’ director on a new film.


Wenqi by Luo Yang. The Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress is currently stars in  Eagles and Youngsters

Chun Xia by Win Tam.  The Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress is currently filming Monster Run opposite Shawn Yue and Golden Horse Beat Actress Kara Hui.

Ma Sichun by Wu Ming.  The Golden Horse Best Actress is currently stars in Age of Legends


Chun Xia manages to look ethereal even for an OL photoshoot.

Zhou Dongyu in Xi’an by Wei Lai


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