Official teaser for Tang Wei, Zhu Yawen’s Empress of the Ming

I sincerely wish historical drama producers would stop hiring Zhang Shuping/William Chang as costume designer, because the leads’ weird hairdos and costumes usually stick out like a sore-thumb (The Rise of Phoenixes is probably the best of the lot).

Empress of the Ming chronicles the life of Sun Ruowei (Tang Wei) a young girl who puts her vengeance behind her to become a virtuous empress, and eventually a respected empress dowager.

Zhu Yawen plays her husband the Xuande Emperor, whom the actor describes as a “conflicted and somewhat devious” man, while Qiao Zhenyu rounds out the love triangle as the selfless confidante and strategist.

The drama will touch on all the major historical events in the early Ming Dynasty, including the aftermath of the Jingnan Campaign, the Tumu Crisis and the imprisonment and reinstatement of her son Zhu Qizhen (Zhang Yixing) as emperor.

It looks promising, but I am keeping expectations low after being disappointed by The Rise of Phoenixes and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace.

Helmed by Zhang Ting (Battle Through the Heavens, Four Generations Under One Roof) and supervised by Zhang Li (Martial Universe, Ming Dynasty 1566), the 60 episode drama will premiere early next year.

5 thoughts on “Official teaser for Tang Wei, Zhu Yawen’s Empress of the Ming

  1. Compared to Manchu hairdo’s, these hairdos don’t look weird at all. It’s the unusual bloated shape of Tang Wei’s face that weird.

  2. I second this motion. He makes almost everyone (minus sometimes Ni Ni and Chen Kun) look ten years older than they are. The hairstyle for this looks horrible for Tang Wei, who is usually beautiful.

    Also… Maybe Tang Wei should consider being dubbed. Zhu Yawen kind of blows her out of the water with every line, and there are a few line deliveries that aren’t even as good as Zhang Yixin’s one line.

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